For dental treatment to be effective there needs to be a proper evaluation of the patient’s initial condition before anything else is done.


The importance of proper diagnosis

At Smile Time we use a dental X-ray machine and a device that analyses the vitality of your teeth. That way we can carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the initial condition of your teeth and take appropriate steps towards achieving your desired goal. The initial condition of the teeth is an important factor in deciding the further direction of treatment since each case is different and depends on the individual patient and the state of their teeth when they first come to us.

During the examination, or if required by the procedure, an X-ray can be taken in the Smile Time surgery itself, which is an additional convenience. The patient does not have to go elsewhere to have the X-ray done and treatment can continue immediately after.

In our surgery we use a digital Sirona X-ray unit together with a digital sensor, which significantly reduces radiation exposure, produces a higher-quality image, and the X-ray is ready straight away for the doctor and patient to look at. After the X-ray has been taken, plans are made to address the dental or orthodontic problem that the individual patient has.

With a well thought-out treatment plan, preceded by proper diagnosis of the case, we at Smile Time can boast exceptional results – and the smiles of our patients are the proof.


Specialist check-up

Oral surgery is sometimes unavoidable if we are to preserve the health of your mouth. Surgery is most often required for conditions that cause patients significant discomfort and harm their quality of life. This can include difficulty speaking and chewing and inflammation and headaches, to name just a few problems.

Whatever the oral surgery involved, by analysing the case in detail and choosing appropriate treatment, the desired results can be achieved simply and painlessly, and the patient’s quality of life improved.

A specialist surgeon’s examination is essential when planning oral surgery and must be carried out before any surgical procedures are performed.

Based on the clinical findings and the diagnostic tools used, an analysis of the current situation is performed, and based on this a detail plan formulated for the surgical procedure itself. Our team of professionals gives every case their undivided attention, ensuring that oral surgeries at Smile Time proceed comfortably and painlessly – helped along by local anaesthetic. The perfect smile is not just aesthetically important – a perfect smile is a healthy smile. The health of your mouth affects the health of your entire body. So it is extremely important that you keep your teeth healthy, get them checked regularly and make sure any problems are addressed if they arise.

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