“Hollywood smile” or “Hollywood smile procedure” is an increasingly popular technique, which is used to achieve an attractive smile appearance, which is often inspired by the characteristic smiles of Hollywood stars.

Why do we choose “Hollywood smile”?

The most common reason for choosing this procedure is the very aesthetics that contribute to our self-confidence. Confidence creates our attitude throughout each day. Self-confident people are often open to various agreements, they enter into business or friendly contacts more easily. The improved appearance of our teeth and our self-confidence is actually reciprocal to our success in everyday life and in everyday situations.

The procedure itself emphasizes the function. The functionality of the teeth itself is very important in processing ie chewing food, but also in phonation. So if we have, for example, a tooth that is crooked, we can avoid certain foods because of it or pronounce certain letters and words incorrectly.


Does the client have the right to choose his Hollywood smile?

Of course, the client has absolute control and insight into what he can choose and, of course, decide after that. The client can choose metal-free ceramics, which is actually the most ideal. Refraction of light (translucency) on ceramics is simply ideal for a Hollywood smile. This actually gives us a glimpse of what your smile will look like – simply perfect. You can also opt for metal-ceramic crowns, which also give a very good end result.

Can people with missing teeth achieve their Hollywood smile?

If you have a desire for a Hollywood smile, there is no obstacle. For clients who have missing teeth, we first do implants. Implant placement is a procedure that is also performed by us and you can read more about it here. After installing the implant, we continue with the steps that lead us to your Hollywood smile.

Another solution that comes into consideration besides implants is a bridge. The installation of a bridge for missing teeth is also possible in our practice, you can see it here.

Steps to the “Hollywood Smile”:

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Is the Hollywood smile safe?

Hollywood smile treatment is a medical procedure, which is carried out to achieve a Hollywood smile and is absolutely safe. We will describe for you the steps that are necessary to get a Hollywood smile, that way you will be informed about what is needed. Hollywood Smile is a procedure that achieves excellent aesthetics, gives you additional confidence, but also improves your oral health.

What are the steps if we want a “Hollywood smile”?

Consultation and planning

The first step is a consultation with a specialist from our team. During this appointment, you will discuss with us your wishes and expectations regarding the appearance of your smile. After that we will evaluate your teeth, gums and mouth structure to determine what is needed to achieve the desired result.

The first step is the trust we build. It is very important that we build trust and a relationship between us and you. Our long-term practice allows us to be maximally professional but also maximally dedicated to each patient.

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Dental evaluation

After the first step comes the second step and here we analyze your jaw, tooth position, color and shape to determine what changes are needed. This can include correcting irregularities, filling gaps between teeth, whitening teeth, etc.

Tooth preparation

Depending on the needs, it is possible that it will be necessary to prepare the teeth for the installation of aesthetic coverings (crowns). This may involve lightly grinding the teeth to create space for the crowns.

If you are wondering if this step hurts or maybe it is uncomfortable?

Each of us has had moments when we get bitten by an insect or maybe get a little burnt on hot coffee. Consider this step something like that, although you don’t have this finish after the bite. This is just a small detail that guides you towards the realization of your wishes.

Note: Any intervention in our clinic that may cause pain to the client is performed under local anesthesia, in order to be completely safe.


Covers for teeth

Aesthetic coverings such as veneers (thin layers of ceramic that are bonded to the front surface of teeth) can be used to achieve the desired smile appearance. We can also use crowns depending on the assessment of the specialist. These covers are customized to your preferences and designed to match your natural teeth. Whether to use a veneer or a crown, the decision is up to the specialist from our “Smile Time” team.

Our goal is to make your “Hollywood smile” really look natural and blend into your overall appearance. The most important thing is to achieve that natural look and get the most out of it. In this way, we managed to really bring your smile and your appearance to perfection.

Care and maintenance

After the procedure, it is important to maintain regular oral hygiene and follow the instructions of our dentists, in order to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful smile.

What is important to note is that the Hollywood smile is adapted to each individual. This means that the Hollywood smile on everyone looks completely personalized, and therefore completely natural.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. “Smile Time” clinic is at your disposal and will answer all your questions. If you have decided to start the process to get your Hollywood smile – take the first step. The first step is actually that turning point, the other steps are easier and actually follow that first one.

With us, you can achieve the results you’ve always wanted. For a bright smile and satisfaction, your Smile Time.
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