Dental repair includes dental fillings in its procedure.


What is dental filling?

If tooth decay (cavity) appears, the dentist can remove the damaged tissue and close the cavity with a filling, usually made of composite material.

Often, the very word dental filling is a symbol for something painful or long-term as a process. You can leave it with us and you will see that you will protect everything in the best order. This is a routine procedure performed under local anesthesia without pain. The ultimate goal is to install a filling made of composite material that is the same color as your teeth. In this way, you not only restore the function of the teeth, but also the aesthetics are properly satisfied.

Tooth filling as a dental procedure that restores tooth function

Dental fillings, also known as dental fillings. This is a dental procedure used to fill cavities (cavities) in teeth to restore their function and stop further decay.

What is the dental filling procedure?

Examination and diagnostics

The first step is a dental examination. Based on x-rays and clinical examination, we at the Smile Time office localize the resulting cavity (caries) and based on the inspection we see that filling is necessary.

Local anesthesia

To ensure safety during the procedure, the tooth is anesthetized with local anesthesia. This makes the procedure more comfortable, you are more relaxed, and the absence of pain is complete.

Removal of damaged tissue

He carefully removes damaged or decayed tissue from the tooth using special instruments. This includes removing cavities and any other damage.

Cavity preparation

After the damaged tissue is removed, the dentist will prepare the cavity for filling. This includes cleaning and shaping the cavities to allow the filling to adhere well.

Filling teeth with a filling

After preparing the cavity, we place a filling (filling) in the tooth. Fillings are usually made from a variety of materials, including composite resins, amalgam, or other materials. After the filling is placed, we polish the tooth to achieve a smooth surface finish.

Which fillings are most often used?

At Smile Time, we use white fillings. Composite fillings are used to restore the function, integrity and morphology of a tooth caused by decay, fracture or other damage. White fillings are attached directly to the surface of the tooth, protecting it from further breakage. Smile Time practice uses the most modern aesthetic materials for dental fillings, thus we satisfy aesthetic and mechanical needs.

Sealing procedure and duration

Our new clients often have the opinion that the tooth filling procedure itself is long and painful. Dental fillings are performed in one visit, while local anesthesia is used as a means of preventing pain. A regular dental check-up can maintain the condition of your teeth and overall oral hygiene, however, if you need a dental filling, be sure that it will be done in the best and most convenient way for you.
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