When a tooth hurts every moment seems an eternity. You need to get examined as soon as possible to find the cause of the pain.

You don’t need to be a dentist to know that a tooth can start hurting at any time, regardless of whether it’s a weekday or not. And because toothache is no respecter of working hours and is just as likely to rear its head on a Sunday as on a Monday, our surgery has a weekend on-call service.

If needed, we have an oral surgeon on call who will come to the surgery if a procedure needs doing, whether it be draining an abscess or a complicated tooth extraction.

All procedures carried out during the weekend on an on-call basis are charged at the same rates as on working days at Smile Time.

Emergency cases

What conditions can you come to the Smile Time surgery for during the weekend?

Whether you are in pain, suffering from swelling, have had a filling fall out or have a tooth that needs taking out – or perhaps you need some more complicated procedure – the doors of Smile Time are open to everyone in need of help.

The Smile Time team includes a highly skilled and experienced oral surgeon, and so even the most complicated procedures, as well as all kinds of oral surgery, can also be carried out at weekends. Just as on weekdays, all types of weekend oral procedure are carried out completely painlessly using local anaesthetic.

If you get toothache during the weekend there is no need to suffer for days and risk unnecessary complications – Smile Time has the solution for your problem right now.

For patients who are busy on weekdays

At our surgery we have also thought about those who cannot seem to find time for a visit to the dentist on weekdays because of work, other obligations or just their pace of life. They are welcome to come to the Smile Time surgery over the weekend, set some time aside for their smile and have any work done that is needed.

Dr Jelena Filipović

Weekend diagnosis

Some dental cases require diagnosis and an X-ray of the tooth that is causing problems before they can be addressed. Without proper, detailed diagnosis it is not possible in some cases to perform any necessary procedures and address the issues.

Smile Time is equipped to the highest standards, and teeth can be X-rayed in the surgery itself, with the image immediately available for further detailed diagnosis and case analysis.

So if a tooth starts to ache on a Saturday or Sunday, no need for dismay, give us a call and come to the Smile Time surgery so we can fix the problem, stop the pain and put the smile back on your face.

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