Conservative dental work

Composite (white) filling,3.00025
Composite facing5.90050
Root canal treatment
Single-rooted tooth5.00042
Double-rooted tooth6.00050
Three-rooted and multi-rooted teeth7.00060
Fibre post3.60030


Immediate denture29.250250
Complete acrylic denture29.250250
Partial acrylic denture29.250250
Skeletal denture with attachments53.100450
Metal-ceramic crown11.700100
All-ceramic crown23.400200
Protective temporary crown, per jaw2500-590020-50
Removal of old metal-ceramic crown6005
Splint for bruxism4.20035


Removal of tartar and soft deposits2.50021
Periodontal and gingival pocket cleaning, per quadrant3.50030
Individual periodontal pocket cleaning1.80015
Gingival flap surgery (up to 3 teeth)7.00060
Gingival flap surgery (up to 8 teeth)5.90050
Gingival flap surgery (9 or more teeth)4.70040
Gingivectomy and gingivoplasty (per tooth)3.50030
Gingivectomy and osteoplasty (per tooth)5.90050

Oral surgery

Local anaestheticFree of charge
Routine tooth extraction2.00020
Complex tooth extraction3.00025
Surgical removal of retained root5.90050
Surgical removal of impacted (wisdom) teeth11.700100
Apicoectomy (root tip resection)9.50080
Apicoectomy with retrograde filling17.500150
Mucocele operation10.60090
Tuberosity reduction10.60090
Surgical closure of oroantral communication11.700100


Implant placement (Zimmer)76.700650
Implant placement – short implant (Bicon)82.600700
Crown on implant with abutment29.500250
Denture on implants59.000500
Bone graft with biomembrane29.500250
Sinus lift – transalveolar11.800100
Sinus lift – lateral window technique94.400800


Individual teeth whitening3.50030
Teeth whitening – in-surgery17.700150
Teeth whitening – home technique17.700150
Hyaluronic fillers23.600200

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